Dorato Jets provides you with one-on-one personalized attention.  Your needs are our first priority!  Business & Leisure travelers will find our company to be experienced & professional.




Aircraft Charter – Where will life take you next?  Dorato Jets is here to provide air charter transportation to get you there quickly, comfortably and with confidence 24 hours a day.  Traveling by private charter gives you more options traveling between your locations of choice whether it is a large commercial airport or a remote location off the beaten path.  The ability to use small airports gets you closer to your destination than an airline can.  We also are available to standby when you require to fly somewhere for a meeting or event and require an additional flight to return or continue your travels.  You can count on Dorato Jets to get you where you need to go safely.


Aircraft Management – Dorato Jets has successfully managed aircraft since 2007.  Our management services include Part 91 and Part 135.  We make your travel priorities our priority.  Offsetting the cost of ownership can be complicated.  We work with you tailoring your management plan to keep things running smoothly.


            Part 91 (Personal Use)

·         Provide all necessary staff

·         Manage required maintenance and repairs as needed

·         Assist obtaining discounted Insurance and Fuel

·         Compliance with all agencies

·         Travel coordination (air & ground)



            Part 135 (Air Charter)

·         Same as Part 91 plus…

·         Schedule Aircraft

·         Dispatch Aircraft

·         Guaranteed hourly revenue

·         Offset cost of ownership

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